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This master piece has a history of more than 60 years. It is a genuine art which depicts "Spanish Bull fight" This painting at Nobhill Drycleaning store got lot of customers attention as they recall the moments when they first saw this art decades ago. It stayed on the same wall for over generations and for lot of our customers it is a childhood memory now.

A little about Spanish Bull Fight

Spanish-style bullfighting is called a corrida de toros (literally a "running of bulls"), tauromaquia or fiesta brava[citation needed] and is practiced in Spain and Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, as well as in Southern France. In traditional corrida, three toreros, also called matadores or, in French, toréadors, each fight two out of a total of six fighting bulls, each of which is at least four years old and weighs up to about 600 kg or 1,300 lb (with a minimum weight limit of 460 kg or 1,010 lb for the bullrings of the first degree). Bullfighting season in Spain runs from March to October.